“The Craggs have given the New Yorkers a revelation, and they are greeted by such overwhelming applause every evening as has not been heard in this city during the past year.” The Era, 1884


“They have travelled the world, with gardenias in their buttonholes, and Barnum has thrown golden bridges across the ocean for them.” Hugues Le Roux, Les Jeux du Cirque et la Vie Foraine, 1890

“What style! All Paris, again, will go to applaud them – Bravo, the Craggs! Long live the Craggs!” Le Rappel, 1897


“J.W. ‘Papa’ Cragg – the Patriarch of Kennington, the youngest old man in the world, eighty-three, four times married.” The Stage, 1928

If you have information about the Marvellous Craggs I’d love to hear from you.

Also, if you have a query about the show/venue or would be interested in me presenting this elsewhere please get in touch.

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